Reasons you may have been denied

Why Was My Pet Adoption Denied by the Rescue Group?

If the rescue rejected you, they probably had a reason.

It might be a temporary situation you need to resolve — such as building a fence or waiting for a child to get a little older — but it’s probably because of one of these reasons:

  • You lied on your application. Bad move.
  • Your home is unsafe. No rescue will place an animal in a home where their safety is in question. If you don’t have a secure yard, if family members always leave the door or gate open, or if you have dangerous home improvement projects going on, then don’t expect the rescue to approve you. Talk about it to see if you can remedy the problem.
  • It wasn’t a good match. You might think Twinkles is the perfect kitty for you, but the rescue may think otherwise. They know the animal and what they need in term of their perfect home. If it isn’t a good match, don’t get mad. Talk with the rescue about another pet that may be better for you.
  • You wanted an “outdoor dog.” Dogs are not lawn ornaments. They are social animals who deserve to be a part of your family. You don’t have to let them up on your couch, but if you’re planning on chaining up your adopted puppy in the yard, don’t expect that adoption to go through.
  • You’re under 21. In addition to insurance liabilities, rescues don’t like to adopt to young people because they don’t usually know where they’ll be in 5 years. If you go to college, you won’t be able to take your pet with you. If you move to a no-pets building, you’ll need to find a new home for the animal. There are exceptions, of course: If you’re living a stable life, especially if you’re married or in a permanent relationship, and live in your own home, the rescue might bend the age rule.
  • Yours is a military family. Too many pets come into rescues when their families are deployed. If your family has a history of moving around base to base, the rescue will probably reject you, simply because you won’t know the circumstances of your family’s next post. If you are living in permanent housing, the rescue should be fine with it. If it isn’t, look for another rescue.
  • You’re weird. OK, this is the single biggest reason I reject applicants, even though it’s completely subjective. If an applicant argues with me or gets angry with me, that’s it. Other times, my gut tells me no, and I trust my gut. Rescues don’t tell you when you’re rejected because of your poor behavior or attitude, so if you’ve been turned down for unexplained reasons, it’s probably because you’re weird.

Remember, rescues don’t exist to supply people with pets.

Their function is to find homes for needy animals. If it isn’t yours, they’ll find another.