2022 Teacher Brown Bag Contest

Every day, we use a very large amount of supplies (food, medical, enrichment, comfort etc.) to take care of the homeless dogs and cats that come through our facility and in our foster program. To help with this ongoing need, we are having a School Donation Drive competition! Join in on the fun, the spirit of volunteerism, and support a critical local community cause.


Click this link to register to participate in the Brown Bag Contest for Classrooms: https://form.jotform.com/222695809119162


Click to view, download, or print the Letter/email to parents (for teacher use)

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Click to view, download, or print the HSH Donation List.

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When you are ready to submit donation amounts (how many items you collected) use this form: https://form.jotform.com/222697019698169

Need us to make a pick up at any time? Use the same form as above:


Email "events@hshobart.org" with any questions. :)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get started?

Just click this link to register: https://form.jotform.com/222695809119162 and read through all information on this webpage.

What if I'm not a classroom teacher?

We are happy to have any school group (choir, ROTC, football teams, clubs, cheerleaders, etc.) participate. Email events@hshobart.org to discuss special options for these groups. Grades PreK-12 are welcome!

What kind of field trip is it?

We are happy to work with you to design possible options to fit a need or idea you might have! We have programs suitable for grades K-12 that meet many Common Core Standards. Your classroom will join our staff on location at The Humane Society of Hobart -OR- we can come to your classroom (your choice).

  • Students will meet our staff including our Director, Vet Tech, and spend time with our Animal Caretakers.

  • Students will have two hours of hands-on animal fun led by our humane education staff and HSH volunteers.

  • The program includes an interactive shelter tour (play yard, big dog room, main kennel, cat room, socialization room, food prep area, enrichment room, laundry area, medical room, and our isolation room (if not under quarantine) and a visit to the SNIP bus.

  • Students will receive a lesson in humane education.

  • Students will make an enrichment toy for our furry friends.

  • Students will participate in an animal interaction to teach youth how to safely approach and handle animals.

  • OF COURSE students will get quality time with the animals under our care!

My collection bin is overflowing, what can I do?

Email "events@hshobart.org" and we will make a pick up for you at any time.

How will we know which classroom won?

We will make a special LIVE announcement on Facebook Live when students come back to school after Thanksgiving break. We will let you know ahead of time when we will announce so you can watch in your classrooms! After the Facebook Live broadcast, we will post the winners HERE on our website and also give the winning teacher an email and/or phone call.

How is the classroom winner determined?

We will use a count based on per item donations. In the future we may change this if a need develops, but for this year, we will make it easy and count and keep track of score by item count.