If you're out and about in Hobart, Indiana, you may notice this gorgeous cat hanging around populated areas. It's Katie. She's pretty well known here in Hobart and community famous. Katie lives at Remus Farms near the corner of Ridge and County Line Road. When she's not working the 80+ acres at Remus Farms as a barn cat, she loves to walk over to Luke's Gas Station and get some lovies from customers. She is super friendly. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped through Humane Society of Hobart, and well loved and taken care for. She's an indoor/outdoor wandering farm soul and that’s just as she should be.

If you find Katy you can leave her be, or just plop her right back off next door at Remus Farms. Please don’t take her to your home and please don’t take her to any shelter. She HATES being caged and is miserable when she is. Although it's tempting, please do not feed Katie. Obesity is not good for animals.

Katie is a special cat.

Thanks to our friends and to Katie's for these great photos of her sent in to us:

Photo from Tom Clark