Here are step by step directions on how to create a Facebook Fundraising page for the Humane Society of Hobart on November 28, 2023:

4. Click "Create"

That's it!  Please make the post shareable on Facebook and share with friends & family.

Email if you need any help!

Why should you start a Facebook fundraiser for Humane Society of Hobart?

Because it's easy, quick, and allows you to raise funds that will make a difference in the lives of thousands of pets and pet families affected by homelessness, financial need, medical needs, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

You can also use your personal Facebook fundraiser as a way to tell your pet's story and bring greater attention and awareness to animal rescue and the importance of adopting homeless pets. It's important to tell others how rescuing has affected your family and why giving a few dollars will make such a difference going forward. Even those who choose not to donate will learn more about homeless animals in our community and gain a greater understanding of the important issue.