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100% ALL NATURAL Dog Peanut Butter - Bark Bistro Buddy Budder

Bark Bistro Buddy Budder is 100% woman owned brand. We make 100% natural without any harmful ingredients or stabilizers such as hydrogenated oil, palm oil, xylitol, artificial sugars, or salt. BUDDY BUDDER (peanut butter) is perfect as a treat, used with dog enrichment toys for entertainment or as a distraction, as a food topper, to administer medicine, you can use it when baking homemade dog treats, or as icing on a your pups birthday cake.   Click on the jars to order.  A special 10% commission goes to The Humane Society of Hobart!!

Fiber & Gut Health Supplement for Dogs

Well Loved Pumpkin & Probiotics

With all natural and holistic ingredients we love the digestion support and relief from a variety of gut issues including: diarrhea, runny stool, bad breath, gas relief, scooting and constipation. Packed with pumpkin for fiber, apple pectin for soothing the stomach, prebiotics and probiotics for gut health along with digestive enzymes for a complete digestive support supplement. The product is proudly made in the USA and veterinarian approved.

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Comes in 21 different colors!!