Amazon no longer has the Amazon Smile program, but you can still donate MUCH NEEDED items at any time!

Ship them directly to the shelter at:

The Humane Society of Hobart

2054 East SR 130; Hobart, IN 46342

Or ship them to you, then drop them off at the shelter.

Attention Walmart Shoppers!  

HSH has wish list registries for our needs at the shelter!

Here's how to navigate to our online wish lists from your Walmart account. 

You can also go in-store to customer service and they will print the list out for you for free.

ALSO AT THE REGISTER, you can round up and have that amount donated to HSH directly.  Please select HSH as your charity of choice at Walmart.

What stuff around the house can HSH really use??

Peanut Butter

Yes, but it has to be creamy and it can't have xyletol in it, because that’s bad for dogs.

Cat Litter

YES!  We prefer non-clumping litter, but will take any.

Cat food

YES!  We need / use both dry and wet/canned food.  We feed our animals only brown food - nothing with artificial colors.

Dog food

YES!  We also do take half used bags of food, or opened bags.  We feed our animals only brown food - nothing with artificial colors.

Linen donations

YES!  We use flat sheets (not the fitted ones), bath towels, hand towels, washcloths, fleece blankets and throws

NO:  Comforters (because of the batting/stuffing inside) 


We do take CLEAN couch cushions, but not the furniture.  We feel that there may be some health risks with reusing furniture between different dogs. We also don't think that there will be room for the recliners in even our largest kennels. We would very much like to offer the dogs in our care a more comfortable environment, but we reluctantly decided not to implement this program. 

Stuffed animals

Yes, we take them, as long as they do not have the little beans inside.

How can I donate in memory of someone so their family gets acknowledgement?

Mail to or stop into the shelter, make your donation, give them the name and address of where you want the acknowledgement to be sent to.  You can also ask for it to go to something in particular (sponsor an animal (in full or part) in the name of someone, our ever growing medical fund, especially heartworm, or spay/neuter fund.

Click on the “Donate” button on the header of our Facebook page.  It’s easy and secure and the best part is that 100% of your donation goes directly to helping the animals in our care.  

Neither Facebook or it’s collection platform collects a fee!