Emergency Preparedness

Did you know that during Covid-19 shutdown March 6th - May 1st, 2020, The Humane Society of Hobart was the only shelter open in Northwest Indiana? During that time, we sheltered 207 homeless pets that had literally nowhere to go, went on countless wellness and field service calls, delivered food and pet resources to hundreds of homebound residents, and returned 9 lost pets to their owners. 

YOU made that happen. YOUR donations account for 79.8 percent of our income to save the lives of homeless pets. Without YOU we would not have been able to save those 207 lives. Thank YOU!

COVID-19 Press Release.docx

COVID-19 Press Release

Humane Society of Hobart's COVID-19 Press Release

Emergency Preparadness.docx

Emergency Preparedness

For pet owners:  How to prepare during an emergency.

Emergency Checklist.docx

Emergency Checklist

Pet owners can use this checklist to prepare their animals for emergency situations.

Emergency Pet Family Information.docx

Emergency Pet Family Information

A helpful reference sheet of emergency numbers and to assist first responders.