HSH Strategic Plan

Humane Society of Hobart - Strategic Plan

Created September 3, 2019

Vision | Mission | Values

    1. Vision: We exist to end animal suffering and to ensure pets have a safe and caring environment.

    2. Mission: We create and strengthen pet families.

    3. Values: Kindness, Dedication, Knowledge, Inclusivity


    1. Identify loyal high net worth Humane Society of Hobart donors by October 2019.

    2. Implement quarterly fundraising plan with a focus on donor development, special events, corporate sponsors, grants, and planned giving.

Finance and Operations

    1. Establish a monthly budget.

    2. Have a fully functioning Point-of-Sale and financial tracking system implemented for calendar year 2020.

    3. Complete the job descriptions, handbooks, and standard operating procedures for all shelter staff and operations (including staff training and development requirements by March 31, 2020.

People Resources

    1. Quarterly staff and volunteer training and development with a focus on customer service.

    2. Reduce compassion fatigue by cross training all employees by 2020.

    3. Hire a dedicated volunteer coordinator

    4. Better volunteer training, protocols, ongoing support

    5. Utilization and expansion of volunteer strengths to more than cleaning and dog walking.

    6. Strengthen communication based on volunteer preference.

    7. Cultivate a (volunteer) Volunteer Coordinator or hire a volunteer coordinator by 2020 to strategically recruit, retain, and reward volunteers.

Board Governance

    1. Create strategic plan and review for future.

    2. Align board of directors role in fundraising

    3. Create position descriptions/expectations for board members to ensure equal and active representation of board of directors in community events and meetings.

    4. Ensure strength of legal and ethical integrity through Conflict of Interest policy.

    5. Actively recruit three (3) more board members by 2020.

    6. Set up committee structure, including an Executive Committee by 2020.

    7. Review policies and by-laws.

    8. Ensure annual performance review of Executive Director.

Marketing Communications

    1. Educate about the Humane Society’s roles by sharing over multiple communication methods.

    2. Post/share more timely details that promote trust in the community (transparency).

    3. Regularly involve community in our work through outreach, volunteering and education

    4. Promote actual transparency

    5. Work on marketing through use of:

      1. Facebook

      2. Website

      3. Newsletters

      4. Community outreach in schools and by being active in the community

      5. Email

Facility Planning

    1. Short range: Develop a maintenance committee to create, monitor and perform repair and maintenance duties at the facility. Committee to be formed and begin meeting by October 31, 2019.

    2. Long range: By October 2019, establish an ad hoc committee comprised of staff, board, volunteer, and a donor to identify facility needs and research recently build facilities and make a recommendation to the board within six months.


    1. Within three (3) months, establish and implement a foster program that includes pre-qualifying, educating, and communicating with families 1x/week while pets are in foster care.

    2. Within three (3) months, establish and implement an adoption program that includes pre-qualifying, educating, and communicating with families bi-weekly for three (3) months post adoption.

    3. Within three (3) months, establish and implement a crisis foster program.

    4. Develop an education and outreach plan.

    5. Within one week, designate one or two employees of volunteers with PR acumen to respond to complaints or requests on social media.

    6. Reeducate staff and volunteers about communication protocol by the end of November 2019.