Frequently Asked Questions

General Shelter Information:

Are you a "no-kill" shelter?


Do we take credit cards?  Checks?

     YES, we take both.

When is HSH closed?

Lost Animals:

What does HSH do when an animal is reported to us as lost or found?

HSH can make a lost / found report that other agencies have access to.  We put the animal on a 3 day stray hold.

What is a 3 day stray hold?

My cat is missing, what can I do?

Click here for information

Does HSH take wild bunnies, raccoons, squirrels etc.?

Found Animals:

What should I do if I find a stray dog or puppy near Hobart?

What should I do if I find a stray animal and they are not near Hobart?

What should I do if I find a stray cat or kitten in Hobart, Lake Station or New Chicago?

Reporting Animal Abuse:

HSH has no authority to recover animals being abused unless they are strays.  

If you witness suspected cruelty to animals, call your local police as soon as possible or dial 9-1-1. 

If you make a report of alleged animal cruelty, the responding agency (local police) is required to investigate.

If your area lacks the proper animal welfare agency and your local authorities are not equipped to deal with animal cruelty cases, you can also contact The Humane Society of the United States' Animal Rescue Team.

Be sure to document the case as well as you can with dates, times, specific details and, if possible, footage and photographs from a cell phone. All of these things can help appropriate agencies during any investigation they may do of the suspected cruelty.

Surrendering Animals or Strays:

HSH takes in owned cats and dogs only by appointment and if we have space.  We are only able to take in stray cats and dogs from Hobart, Lake Station and New Chicago.

Our facility can only support the needs of cats and dogs.  We are no longer taking any other types of pets.

Reclaiming Your Pet from HSH:

How do I get my animal out of HSH if it’s turned in there?

Bring HSH a copy of their current rabies shots and city tags.  

Reclaim fees start at $65, but will vary depending on how long the animal has been at the shelter. 

Adopting Animals from Humane Society of Hobart:

How can I find a certain breed of dog or cat?

Do you have to live in Hobart or Lake County to adopt from HSH?

No, you can live anywhere, but you must personally come into the shelter to meet the animal and do a meet and greet if you currently have one or more dogs.