No Kill Status

"No Kill" IS:

No-kill is the practice of not ending the life of healthy, treatable and rehabilitatable pets for the purpose of population control and problem-solving.

No-kill is about practicing the most relevant and contemporary animal services policies. When implemented in its entirety, contemporary animal services result in safe communities and vibrant animal shelters that serve as resource centers for people and pets. The main goals are to keep families together, find new homes for pets in need and eliminate premature end-of-life actions.

"No Kill" Is NOT:

No-kill is not about ending euthanasia for pets suffering irremediably or pets that are legitimately unsafe to adopt out. No-kill is not about pets living their lives in crates or kennels.

No-kill is not about hoarding, any form of mental illness or recklessness that results in the degradation of the quality of life of a pet. Pets' lives should not be ended prematurely only because they have not been adopted within a specific time period.

We are incredibly proud and humbled to receive the Best Friends Animal Society No Kill Shelter Award for 2022.  98% of the pets that left our shelter, left with a live outcome.  Since 2018, more than 14,000 lives have been saved since we adopted this vision and culture.

Thank you Best Friends Animal Society for this honor and the incredible mentorship and leadership you have provided!  Thank you to our community who asked us to make this change and has had our back ever since.  This one is for YOU!