What is a HSH Constant Companion?

The HSH Constant Companions is an efficient, easy way to provide regular ongoing monthly donations to the Humane Society of Hobart. Be a Constant Companion for Humane Society of Hobart’s homeless dogs and cats by participating in monthly planned donations. It’s simple! You never have to remember to write a check or mail an envelope and you determine the amount that you would like to contribute monthly. Giving regularly allows you to have a greater impact on the welfare of animals by breaking down a generous total contribution into monthly amounts that fit your charitable giving goals and it allows us to plan ahead.

Why schedule monthly donations?

  • You will help fund vital Humane Society needs (medical, food, shelter, etc.)
  • Your contribution is a dependable source of income for Humane Society of Hobart and allows us to budget for the future.
  • Your monthly gift will help us continue to provide animals in our care with essentials such as food, toys and beds, and much needed veterinary care.

Updated March 14, 2020 - Caris@hshobart.org