Humane Society of Hobart is in need of Volunteers.

Whether it's organizing fundraisers, helping with off-site events, transporting animals to/from veterinarian appointments or just getting the animals some exercise or socialization - WE NEED YOU!   For more information on volunteer opportunities, please email

Download the liability waiver above.  Print, sign, then scan & email back to  You can also photograph waiver and email it to us as well, or drop it off at the shelter.

Yes, we know you’re out there.  You’re not afraid to do the real work, the stuff no one else wants to step up to do the non-glamorous stuff.  But YOU are the backbone of helping our staff make sure things are cleaned and sanitized properly so our animals stay healthy.  We need people to come in and help with dishes and laundry.  EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Dishes start at approximately 9am and laundry is all day long.  We do 12 or more loads of laundry per day.  We do need you to schedule this and we ask that you are available once per week.
Volunteers are needed to transport animals to vet appointments, Neuter Scooter, pet stores, rescues and events.  Other types of transport may be needed, depending on the situation.  You must hold a valid Indiana driver’s license and have a clean driving record. Reliable transportation with air conditioning is a must.  It is better if you have an SUV type vehicle.  Transport volunteers usually pick up animals at the shelter between 7 and 7:30 am to drop off at vet appointments or in the afternoon between 2 and 3 to pick up from the vet and bring back to the shelter.  We call transport volunteers as needed, but we usually need transport volunteers one to three days per week.  
Foster homes are needed for special needs animals.  Some examples of this are pregnant dogs and cats, puppies and kittens too young to adopt, cats or kittens with upper respiratory infections that need to be treated outside of a shelter, animals recovering from surgery or dogs undergoing heartworm treatment.  Other circumstances may also apply.  Fostering times generally vary anywhere from one to eight weeks, but can be longer if the case is more serious or there are complications.  Foster homes are contacted on an as-needed basis.
Helping to answer phones at the front desk, answering basic questions at the front desk, greeting customers as they come in, making adoption follow-up phone calls, helping to assemble adoption folders, checking voicemail and returning calls, light cleaning in reception area.  Shifts available are from 11am-1pm and 1-3pm.  We’d prefer these volunteers do one or more shifts per week and be available every week, as there is much more to learn and extensive additional hands-on training will be required.

Repairing cages, painting, heating and air conditioning, plumbing, general repairs as needed.  This is on an as-needed basis.

We are always in need of fundraising.  If you have an idea for fundraising, would like to hold a fundraiser or would just like to help at a Fundraising event, WE NEED YOU!  We have a fundraising events committee that meets in the evenings to discuss upcoming or potential events and decide who can do what to help make the event a success.  We have a private Events Committee Facebook page so everyone can communicate about meetings, ideas, updates, etc.
We take our animals to local businesses and pet stores to help them find good homes.  Volunteers are needed to transport animals to and from the event, help set up and take down at the event and to handle the animals and answer the questions at the event.  For most events, you come to the shelter at 10:45 am to get the dog, let it go to the bathroom, get to know it’s personality and make sure it gets along with the other dogs going.  You will transport the dog in your car to and from the event.  Please bring a chair to use at the event.  We generally leave the shelter at approximately 11:30, get to the designated store at noon and, depending on the store, we are there until 2 or 3pm.  Then we need to take everything down, load up the cars and return to the shelter, usually around 3:30 pm.  Side note: We are always looking for season ticket holders to sporting events as these are a great way for us to make money for our animals.

We always need help researching for grants and writing grants so we can continue raising money so we can help as many animals as possible. Experienced grant-writers only.

Do you have a flair for marketing?  We need creative people, marketing people and graphic design skills to help us with creative social media posts, writing newsletters, creating impactful appeals, etc.  This is an as-needed basis position, but we need people with experience in these fields.
Volunteers are needed to walk and socialize dogs.  Dog walkers are scheduled and can be done at 8am, 11am or 3pm daily.  Please do not come in “whenever it’s convenient for you”.  Dogs need to be walked at specific times so we can keep them on a consistent feeding and walking schedule.
Help us take care of the many, many kitties we care for every year.  Help clean cat cages at 8am each morning. This needs to be scheduled and we ask that you are available at least two days per month.  Brush cats, socialize cats, help take cats to Petsmart and Petco stores so they can be adopted to new homes.  Cat Lovers Unite- We NEED YOU!

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Check out this helpful video made by one of our Volunteers, Shannon Hinko, to help you learn the ropes when volunteering to do all sorts of things like dog walking, fostering kittens, and more at the shelter!  ---->

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